Apple diet recipes to eat 3 days thin 10 pounds

Apple diet recipes to eat 3 days thin 10 pounds

Apple diet is a way to replace other foods with apples every day.

The duration of this method should not be too long, usually 3 days.

In addition to the main meal with apples for three days, you can eat apples as long as you are hungry between meals.

  Apple diet recipes eat 3 days thin 10 pounds through 3 short-term only eat apples to extend the gastrointestinal function to temporarily relax, instead of reducing food intake during the use of apple diet, malic acid accelerates body consumptionTo achieve weight loss.

Most importantly, this method can help the enlarged stomach get a certain contraction and prepare for a better control of appetite in the future.

Apple diet can help to lose weight effectively.

It’s even better to use the Apple diet method with other weight loss methods!

  1, grapefruit apple pulp raw materials: grapefruit 100 grams, apples 50 grams, sugar, water, the right amount.

  Practice: Wash the peeled grapefruit and cut into small pieces, and put it into small bowls for use. Then add water to the pot, then put the grapefruit and apple cover bowl in the pot and steam for more than half an hour until the grapefruit and apple are soaked.Finally, add white sugar and mix well.

  Efficacy: Grapefruit is a fruit that loses weight and weight. Apple is a fruit that contains water and cellulose. The amount of apple can be reduced and the feeling of fullness is increased.

The two are matched into a fruit juice, which is both nutritious and excellent in weight loss.

  2, apple salad ingredients: 2 apples, salad dressing amount.

  Practice: Wash and peel the apples into pieces to cut into the plate, then pour the salad dressing into the apple dish, mix well and serve.

  Efficacy: Apple is rich in minerals and various nutrients. It can also help light body beauty while supplementing various nutrients in the body. It is a good product for weight loss.

  3, Tremella apple 羹 raw materials: white fungus 10 grams, 50 grams of apples, horseshoe 10 grams, wet starch, sugar, the right amount.

  Practice: Wash the white fungus hair, spare apples, horseshoes and cut into small Ding.

Then prepare the prepared apples and horseshoes with low heat until they are ripe. Add the white fungus, sugar, and then use the wet starch.

  Efficacy: Tremella is a diet food containing crude fiber, which can help promote gastrointestinal motility and reduce micro-absorption. The acid contained in apple can help break down adults, and each of them can help to lose weight.

  4, strawberry apple juice ingredients: 100 grams of apples, 50 grams of strawberries, 30 grams of pears, white honey amount.

  Practice: peel the apple and pear into the nucleus and cut into small pieces to squeeze into juice. Wash the strawberries and wash them, then cut them into juice and set aside. Add the pressed juice to a cup and add white honey and mix thoroughly.

  Efficacy: Strawberry is a low-sugar, low-metabolized fruit that can help relieve heat, spleen and diuretic; pear can help heat, diuretic, reduce fire, apple moisture and cellulose, which is the best product for weight loss.

  5, Apple sushi ingredients: 1/3 apple, 1/4 of cucumber, white rice 3 / 4 bowl, 40 grams of ham, sushi vinegar, seaweed, the right amount.

  Method: Wash the cucumbers, cut into strips, soak them in salt water, drain and set aside; ham is cut into strips for use.

Then mix the white rice with sushi vinegar and spread it on the seaweed, then put the material into a tube and slice it.

  Efficacy: Apple can help promote bowel movements, reduce constipation, help the body toxins, help to lose weight and maintain a slim body.

  6, apple milk lotion raw materials: 1/4 red apple, 1/3 cup milk, half a cup of yogurt, honey amount.

  Practice: After washing the red apple, cut it into pieces, add it to the blender with milk and yogurt, and finally add honey and mix thoroughly.

  Efficacy: The dietary fiber and lactic acid bacteria contained in the drink can help to improve constipation and effectively promote the release of toxins from the body. It can help slim down and help eliminate facial swelling, ecchymosis and brighten skin tone.