There are ten tricks to become more and more love sex skills.

There are ten tricks to become more and more love sex skills.

You don’t expect sex life to be like a movie, but you don’t want to be as boring as a point package, or you must start from the first base, then second base, third base, and run back to the home base; you can choose a buffet, more choices.If you can lose the following four old-fashioned sex patterns, you can keep your feelings fresh and more loved.


hzh {display: none; }  第一招:挖掘被忽略的性爱机会  你的时间经常会被工作、孩子、娱乐所占去,显得很不够用。However, sex experts point out that the lack of non-sleeping time for couples to go to bed without interference may be part of the problem, mainly because the couple fully and fully utilize their time.

  Step 1: If there are ten minutes available, come to a quick sex.

It may sound too rushed, but making love quickly is not necessarily a bad thing.

In fact, some couples appreciate the excitement of rapid sex and even create the secret of two people, especially before the relatives and friends come to dinner.

  The second measure: to improve the touch skills After several years of marriage life, often touch the lover, more often to make love can consolidate the relationship between the two sides.

Experts said: “In addition to making love, many couples will rarely touch each other with deep feelings, they may cause awkwardness.

“Improving the touch technique is to remove all obstacles to achieving good love.”

  The third measure: the development of love space If the bed is the only place where you can make love, then you may miss the high sex love you have gained from making love elsewhere in your home.

  Steps – Start with the kitchen and consider using all the delicious food in the cabinets and refrigerators, which may lead you to an unprecedented level.

  Step 2: Repeat in each room. If you have experienced the love of making love in the bedroom rocking chair, you can enter a deeper level of sex.

  The fourth trick: learn to say that your man with too much intention in the bed will behave like an ascetic monk, trying hard to cover every inch of your skin with the power of sincerity, and thus please you.

If you want him to stay in some places, he should give him some instructions.

  The fifth trick: Don’t let go of the fleeting moments. There are too many people excited at home, but on the way to the bedroom, they will always be distracted by the extra things, and soon they will not be able to lift.

Experts point out that if you want to enjoy more and better sex, you have to act immediately when you are provoked.

  This way: When you feel that your sexual desire is high, don’t distract yourself to pay attention to other things.

Concentrate, don’t let the head slip away.

  Step 2: Do everything possible, choose a place in your home and start acting immediately.

  Sixth trick: know how to present sexual fantasies in a timely manner. Through the above intervals, your sexual communication skills have been enhanced, and now you can prepare to raise your speech skills to another level – make special requests or share one-time fantasies.

  Step 1: Let the lover know what you want, or use the note to write what you want in your mind, or try the bookmarking technique: a book that describes the fantasy, so that you want to “replay” the scene, then use redThe pen is marked in this part and the book is placed next to his bed.

  Step 2: Before one of the predetermined down rooms, notify him to read the articles and give him enough time to fully understand the contents.