“Gray original,calm down,Put the gun down。”

Conan MosquitoBB,Small to seems to be afraid of gray original,Silently praise,After retreating to the sofa,Prevent yours from being injured。
Anyway, Liao Wenjie can’t die.,It is better to temporarily act as a pump,Give the gray original, slightly depressed negative emotions。
It seems in Conan,Several words that Liao Wenjie said,The two shots are not too much.。
Really too owe。
The guys of the mouth are so big that they have not been killed.,It’s a miracle of medicine!
Turn around,Conan can’t help but frown,Sincere as gray original,Liao Wenjie’s ability,Can save the Mingdom of Palace,But he didn’t,Still taking a photo when you die in the palace of the palace。
A completely-tail anti-school,Still very very metapy。
has a problem!
Doubt,Whether it is a photo of Miya Mingmei,Still Liao Wenjie’s mouth stimulating gray,Let Conan have a feeling of recognition。
He is heart,ThisTMIsn’t that Liao Wenjie played with his enhancement version?!
Conan pushed the next large black frame glasses,The eyeglasses flashed the light named wisdom,The intuition of detective tells him,Idea is right,Everyone is cheated,Mingdom is still alive,Before dying, he was sneaked away by Liao Wenjie.。
Instant,Connone overthrew its assumption,Clearly remember in the warehouse,Miyan Mingmei is contends on him,Also hidden10Billion yen’s safe keys have been paid to him。
The body will not make a fake,The police confirmed that they were correct,The Mingdom of Miye is indeed dead to death.。
Conan is sinking,The problem is coming.,Evidence and reasonce,There is one wrong,Which one is?
All evidence shows that the Miya Mingmei is dead.,But Conan is not right?,Heart peeling,Layer card,Recall that the night of Liao Wenjie。
Ime Beach Holiday Villa,Fu Zhezhi is attacked by his own son,Brain shell is low,I can’t rescue,But miraculously saved by Liao Wenjie。
Fu Zhipor,No reason, Miya Mingmei is not,Especially in the case of her or a beautiful woman。
Crime is a way,Feasibility up to 100%,Next, it is motive.。
If Liao Wenjie has a reason to see death,For example, it is inconvenient in the end.,Conan is not believed,Perhaps this colors have a pile of problems,I often hate tooth.,But the three views still have no problem,Most people。
Really, for the sake of underlying,Liao Wenjie has just kills people,In addition to him and gray。Simpler point,Concerts of Speruus vest,Don’t let the gray original you can see the metal medicine box.。
in short,Liao Wenjie does not care about the vest of the winery,Subcissions are more nonsense,I have never been undercovering.。
Think of this,Conan deep breath,Crime and motivation have,Mingdom is still alive,Take a photo is just Liao Wenjie to satisfy his own disgusting,Special exact leave for stimulating gray。
What is the body??
This question is very difficult!
Iron is as follows,Conan is in contradiction,He is very convinced that the palace is still alive.,But I can’t overthrow this illusion。
Conan kills its own brain cells here,Liao Wenjie lifted his hands on the muzzle,Well-known:“Snow elder generation,I also want to save your sister.,But underground,Sometimes always I can’t help but。”
hehe,Say it as really,Your girlfriend is so cheating.!
Corinan mouth micro-hook,One is a fake,So many poisonies are not white,Liao Wenjie wants to deceive him。
“Moreover, your sister has just robbed the bank.10Yiyuan,I am thinking that this kind of people don’t care.,There is no matter。”
“about10Yiyuan,I have a question。”
Conan walks to the ash,Give her a little god of mind,Deprecate the muzzle,Say:“Before the wild,I am the last person who has seen her.,Hidden10100 million key,It is her hand to me.,I was thinking about it.,black……The winery really needs this10Billion yen??”
“what,What do you want to say??”