“Master Uncle?!”

“Brother Yuan!”
“Brother Lei,How are you?”The two heavenly immortals were broken,
Jin Dan, an immortal surnamed Yuan, was destroyed,It only lasted half a breath,So much。
And with his fall,The big formation of the four gods was broken,The mirage dragon, who ranked first in strength among the nine great monster kings, vacated his hand directly.,A sword of mist bombarded。
“Oops~”The faces of the two remaining in the Winter Palace changed。
On strength,Both of them are weaker than Qingxu Jianxian,Even if you work together, you can’t stop the mirage,In fact, it was the four people who put together a big formation before blocking the mirage dragon。
Two enemy one,They don’t have that ability。In their view,The only person here who can barely resist the mirage dragon and heavenly immortal is also the Qingxu sword immortal.。
And the immortals of the Xuxu see the situation is not good,Some fight and retreat,Some of them simply used the escape technique and streamed away。
These demon kings did not stop。
In their view,Kill a god,It is more important than killing ten Sanxian of equal strength。
Unlimited life span,Sanxian—Living for a million years at most will die under the catastrophe。
As for reincarnation,It’s easy to reincarnate this kind of fairy,But after reincarnating, he may not be able to achieve his own achievements in this life。
And the more reincarnated,The less sure you have to become a celestial being。
Seeing that the two celestial beings are about to be unable to resist the continuous burst of misty sword energy。
An invisible wind blowing,Collide with this mist sword。