Then,No matter what the calculation is for such a scene,A bet that Lin Yaqing will win,For a woman like Lin Yaqing who is shrewd and able to calculate,How could she give up lightly?!

Seems to be sure that I will only win and not lose,Lin Yaqing directly spoke to Xiao Fan with a triumphant look:“I lost,I will tell you everything about Yoona and Pan,So what if you lose?What do you do!?”
only,Lin Yaqing’s almost provocative tone,Is still not able to cause a change in Xiao Fan’s mood,so,When I saw that Xiao Fan was still so calm and breezy,She is really a little angry!
This Xiao Fan,It’s really a man I’ve ever seen with the least emotions。
and,For such a sudden bet,Where did Xiao Fan come from?,He will definitely win!
even though,After I asked Xiao Fan that question,,Lin Yaqing never heard Xiao Fan give her a decent answer,but,Xiao Fan’s expression,I don’t even need to say what it is,I can see it by myself。
Just that,This Xiao Fan seems to be deliberately facing her,Just when she wanted to say something to Xiao Fan,I heard Xiao Fan speak:“That one,I can’t lose,so,I didn’t even think if I lost,What kind of bet will I fulfill!Because i won’t lose at all。”
I originally looked at Xiao Fan’s indifferent expression,Lin Yaqing is already very angry,In addition, Xiao Fan actually said to her now that she is absolutely impossible to lose,How can she not be angry??
Oh,Do not,If you use a more accurate language to describe,Then I think Xiao Fan’s remark just now made her even more angry.!
“Is not,Xiao Fan,Can you tell me where do you come from, confident that you will not lose??”Lin Yaqing said silently。
“The self-confidence I gave me,how,You are not convinced?”Xiao Fan said with a faint smile。
“Hahahaha……Ok,Since you said so,If you say I’m not convinced,I guess you won’t be convinced either。”Lin Yaqing said silently。
“Ok,Indeed。”Xiao Fan said。
“but,Since it’s a gambling game,Then both sides naturally have chips to put on the table,That looks like you,That also doesn’t conform to the rule of a gambling table,You look like this to me,Is unfair,Let’s not say whether you will win or I will win.,Let’s follow this rule。”Lin Yaqing said patiently。
God knows why she has such a good temper today,To know that usually,She never gave people a chance to bargain with her,and,No matter what kind of occasion,She has always occupied a home position。
Don’t talk about such a passive situation now,It means that after she finished speaking,Lin Yaqing has never seen such a dull way of the other party。