“She hardly eats,Drink this pure water every day”Bai Ruyu’s mother rushed to say。

Changed wrist,Xia Jianhao said:“Your original illness should be under control,The problem now is that you eat too little every day,Plus a slight cold,So you don’t have the strength”
“I have been to the hospital once,The result of the inspection is very good”Bai Ruyu opened his eyes and suddenly said。
Bai Zhenshan hurriedly asked:“You checked?”
“Ok!No further spread,The doctor also asked me what treatments I did,Of course I won’t tell them”Bai Ruyu said,A smile on his face。
Bai Ruyu’s mother heard,Ha ha smiled:“This is really great,Mr. Xia treated well,We really don’t know how to thank you”
“Aunty,As long as Ruyu is in good health,Nothing matters”Xia Jian said,Stood up。
Bai Ruyu understands what Xia Jian meant,She also stood up,Then smiled and said:“I want President Xia to give me another needle,Maybe my disease can be cured”
First0468chapter The mall is like a battlefield
Bai Ruyu’s room is still so warm and elegant,And there is a faint fragrance。
Xia Jian closed the door,Asked softly:“You really went to the hospital for an examination?I don’t feel like?”
“No,I never want to go to the hospital,That’s it。Just said,I lied to them,I don’t want my parents to worry about me anymore”Bai Ruyu said it was very sad,This made Xia Jian feel uncomfortable。
As the saying goes,Don’t get sick,Nothing don’t have money。Xia Jian smiled and opened the box containing the silver needle,He didn’t know he did it,Are you helping Bai Ruyu or hurting her?。
Bai Ruyu checked the curtains,Facing Xia Jian, he took off his shirt very generously,Looking at her white breasts,There are also attractive twin peaks,There is no distraction in Xia Jian’s heart,What he thinks is how to make good needles,Let Bai Ruyu relieve physical pain。
He went back and communicated with Wang Huimin this time,I want to get a needle for Bai Ruyu’s disease,Slightly change the order of walking,I don’t know if it can have a different effect。
Xia Jian thought this way,The subordinates have started the action。He tried his best to concentrate on,The silver needle goes fast,Unknowingly,A few points,I have all the needles。
Bai Ruyu with his eyes closed,There was a comfortable cry from the nostrils。Xia Jian looked at his watch,Calculating the time to set the hand,He has to do nothing,Let your treatment have an immediate effect。
slowly,Xia Jianxian Bai Ruyu’s slightly pale face,Bloodshot,And her occasion,Also have a slight sweat。