“Is your business okay?”Xia Yueshu walked to Chunmei。

Shocked Chunmei,She looked around,“Do you dare to come out?”
“what happened?”Xia Shuyue didn’t understand what happened。
“Wang San and the gangsters are asking for your news everywhere,You come a minute early,Met them,They just left from me。”Chunmei is still looking around,Speaking obviously also a little nervous。
“Is there any king?,A gangster,Dare to shake the sky?”Xia Yueshu got angry when she heard it,Shout to Chunmei’s husband,“boss,Help me get a bowl of fried noodles。”
“I’m not afraid of them,Is not necessary,Just avoid a bunch of bullies,Why provoke a show?Think about what i said is right?”Chunmei whispered。
“thank you for your kindness,I know。”Xia Shuyue nodded。
“You go to the newspaper,The police patrol every day,Business is much lighter。”Chunmei looked around again。
“Those little bastards dare to come here?Are they afraid of the police??”Xia Shuyue puzzled。
“They are not afraid,No trouble,The police can’t help them,I can’t see the gangsters and arrest them,Right?There must be a reason to arrest people。”
“Oh,that’s true。”Xia Shuyue nodded。
“Your face is ready。”Chunmei’s husband brought the fried noodles,In front of Xia Shuyue,“Eat while hot,I added sweet sausage to you,We made it at home,You taste。”
“Thank you,Must be delicious。”Xia Yueshu started eating noodles,I don’t understand why these little punks always come to him for trouble。
“Everyone is spreading,Said that a female body was fished out of the river yesterday。”Chunmei half covered her mouth with one hand,Whispered to Xia Yueshu。