No single method can see,But the combination of many small skills can produce unexpected powerful effects,Li Tianzhu’s advantage lies in his insight,He can see through the essence of many material appearances at a glance,Even more powerful is the pupil of true vision,Can decompose these essences,Break down into the most basic things,Analysis of rune formation,Recognition of essence。

For human biology,Li Tianzhen knows very little,And aboutDNA,His cognition is still stuck in the textbooks of middle school,Description of the helical arrangement of the basic molecular structure of deoxyribonucleic acid,Memories are blurred,But none of this prevents him from using many magic tricks,To understand the abnormal changes in Yuan Hua’s body from various angles。
It took a long time for the divine sense to come out in Yuan Hua’s body,Li Tianzhen’s face is solemn,Because in such a long time,He didn’t find anything wrong,After a brief conversation with Qi Yun,His spiritual consciousness entered Yuan Hua’s body for the second time,Stay longer this time。
This time I finally made a little bit of a pitiful discovery,Forms the smallest particles in Yuan Hua’s blood cells,Unrecognizable tremor always occurs regularly,The tremor does not last long,But it will cause a layer of mist similar to a gray film inside the cell,The fog cannot catch,And it will soon disappear from the cell wall,Whenever this time,The temperature inside the cell will increase significantly,Besides,No effect on any other organization or body。
Li Tianzhi repeatedly observed,Under the Eyes of True Vision,The source of the fog can be found out,But where did you go?Why does the temperature rise?These changes cannot be resolved using basic rune formations,Not only blood cells,The same goes for cells in other tissues。
This may explain why Yuan Hua suddenly increases the blood flow rate within a certain period of time,The reason for the madness,But Li Tianzhen still doesn’t know what caused this change。
If you compare a single cell to a closed furnace,So this is similar to the reaction when oxygen is blown in,If you consider countless cells and the body as a whole while doing this kind of action,Can it be considered another kind of breathing?‘oxygen’exchange?
So who is doing another completely different breath in Yuan Hua’s body?
Looking at the shiny scales on Yuan Hua’s body,‘Predator’’S shadow clearly appeared in front of Li Tianzhi,This very abnormal mutant creature,He couldn’t be more familiar,Many died in his hands in the Burma jungle,There is even an angel-level one‘Predator’Also smashed in front of him,It was a fluke,I’m scared after thinking about it,It’s all made by the secret biochemical factory behind Zhang Zhiqiang,Very sinister intention。
But the vitality of this kind of thing can be so tenacious,But Li Tianzhi didn’t expect it,Think of meeting Zhang Zhiqiang again in a few years,This guy has been able to demonize,This is of course directly related to the Zhang family,But the base in the dense forest of Burma cannot be completely ruled out,Li Tianzhi thought carefully,Suddenly there was an ominous hunch。
‘Predator’Not as simple as he thought,This thing is probably not a species spawned purely by biotechnology,There must be something very evil in it,Even a trial,From Yuan Hua’s performance,They seem to be about to succeed。
A simple geographic map suddenly appeared in Li Tianzhen’s mind,From the port of southwest Yunnan to the northwest to Chadok in the small town of Suli,Go southeast to Lashan,Three points in a line,This seems to be a huge equilateral triangle。
Not to mention the meaning of this shape,The strange events that happened in this area alone are concentrated,This is naturally not a coincidence,Foreshadow?Is the once-destroyed secret biochemical base resurrected??In addition to entering the north, the preacher,Many went to Myanmar in the northwest,What is the connection?A series of questions can all be strung together,I have to make Li Tianzhi take it seriously。
When I quit again,It’s dawn,Li Tianzhen thought for a moment,Decided to put aside the problem that I just thought of,Yuan Hua’s treatment is now the main focus,Can’t delay,But not too hasty,No time today,The nurses who fell asleep will wake up at any time,And the monitoring that has been turned into an endless loop is too long in time,Had to stop,Come back at night。
Take time during the day,Li Tianzhen went thereSZMunicipal Public Security Bureau,I just found some information,Can’t help but frown,Xiao Yadong was temporarily transferred to Southeast Sichuan,It looks like‘Sharp’Replenishing strength quickly,Anyone who has had combat experience with the ability player is considered。
The exception is Liu Jun,He was led by the nose by the last clone of the old blood demon,Was dragged along Fukuyama and Linhai,I haven’t come back for two months,This clone is very noisy,Mummy cases continue,But not willing to run further,It doesn’t seem to have grown much in two months,Otherwise, a big incident would have happened long ago,It is not the same as Zhang Zhiqiang and others。
This blood demon clone still needs to be dealt with in time,Li Tianzhen decided to wait for Yuan Hua’s affairs,Just help an old friend,Capture this clone alive,Can also be used as an excellent bait,In case Zhang Zhiqiang and the escaped‘Big earthworm’Come to find,Li Tianchou believes they will come。
The original Linglong treasure box was left‘Mane rat’,Things are not easy to handle,But now there are many magic weapons left by Yuwen seeking common ground,That’s a lot easier,Rich wealth is a wonderful thing at all times。
After making up your mind,Li Tianchou went straight to Xinhai Town in the southern suburbs of Fushan,SZThe city’s second guard is located thirty miles southwest of the town,Peng Weihua and Zhu Lei are both detained here,Yuxing’s case has already come to an end,They are both important offenders in the prosecution stage,Haven’t been sentenced yet。
Come to see them both,Li Tianchou did not make a sudden intention,He’s just following the steps, but he has some concerns in the world,Yuxing has come this far,He is responsible,And didn’t really complete Uncle Geng’s request,Ended in tragedy,Everyone has their own cause and effect,It became Li Tianchou’s biggest regret,Irreparable,But I can’t worry about it anymore。