After nine deaths,After coming back from the quantum sea,Fuhua doesn’t know how to face Cheng Li’s hot feelings.,Can only be as cold as in the past。

The law of knowledge gives Cheng Li Xue want something,The law will use the master’s identity to make Cheng Li Xue to do something,So she is more hope that the law is the master.。
Because she is like Hanjiang,I hope that the master can be selfish.,Consider your own,Instead of rushing all human beings。
“what?Then……That……Then only me??”
Knowledge of the law smiles,“That is good,Let Qi Yana to decide who is true and Huawei,We are also the same as the law。”
“When I arrived, I will be willing to be part of me.。”
The recognition of the law of its real knowledge does not come from others,She most wanted,It is the recognition of Fuhua。
Chapter 573 It’s really a monster
When the three people’s eyes are in Qi Ya,,She is a bit unknown.。
If it is fight,Naqiana is not afraid。
Can be such a rare weird problem,Qi Yana is a bit awkward。
She later retreats a step,Seize the arm of Hanjiang asked:“What’s going on?”
Han Jiang lowered the small voice of Qi Yana:“Is such that,This psychiatry is from the inquiry and the inquiry,There is a law,One is true, Huawei。”
“Today’s purpose,That is, which is true, the real Fuhua。”
“Legal?”Qi Yana’s voice suddenly increased,Grab the hand of Hanjiang arm and increase strength,“who is it,Who is the law?”
Han Jiang patient explains:“Is such that,The one of the two inquira fake is the law,As long as there is that I am here, I can’t run away.,You just need to distinguish which is the real Fuhua just fine.。”
“So simple?”
“Be right,So don’t worry。”
Qi Yanna did not be succeeded in successfully,Xilin’s consciousness has not been completely awakened。
There is no other time line.,Because Qi Ya is a tragedy that caused by empty laws。
So Qi Yana here did not become a distressed mature look.,Although I know that there is a law in the body。
But she is still the kind of lively,God is not afraid of the bold character。
Loofak Hanjiang’s arm,Qi Yana went two steps forward,Asked the law:“Then what I want to do?”
The law of identity thought about it.:“Just choose a person you approved.。”
Finish,Both people enter the environment。
Since it is necessary to compare,It must be a matter of experience.。
Qi Yana is constantly,The main life is also the Fuhua as a squad leader.。
Let Qi Yana’s deepest one is,Before an exam,Fuhua and buds have always stared at her for her.。
Then a bigger turning point is in the long air market,The two people in Fu Lai and Lita suddenly announced that she must catch her and Han.。
The people outside don’t know what will happen in the illusion.,Hanjiang three people can only wait。
Fuhua worried:“Can Qi Yana?,She is after all……”
Han Jiang shook his head to let Yan Hua peace of mind,“Although Kiyana is greedy,But she has the immediate person who has never had it.。”
“Don’t think you have time to get along,The common experience is the trivial matter in some lives.,But the trivial matter in life can reflect a person’s personality。”
Fuhua is still a bit unfinished,“How do you want to wipe the law?,Will we do will not……”
“Do not worry,Believe in Qiaa。”
Not two minutes,Asian long spear crashed out from the inside,Then the aromatic waves。
“why,Why don’t you learn?,Unwilling to train,I let you lazy, you still think that I am not a Huhua?”
“Why do I directly slaughter,Didn’t let them leave,You said that this is not that Fuhua can make?”