Anhui Free Trade Zone Hefei District Arbitration Center unveiled

People’s Network Hefei June 11 (Yang Saijun) On the morning of June 11, Hefei Arbitration Commission Free Trade Test Zone Hefei File Arbitration Center unveiled in Hefei The unveiling ceremony was jointly held by the Hefei Fragment Region Management Committee, Hefei Economic and Technological Development Zone Administration Committee and Hefei Arbitration Commission. The free trade test area Hefei area arbitration center was unveiled, and it is a major event in the legal service industry in Hefei District, the self-trade zone. It is close to the Hefei area of ??the self-trade zone. The construction is very important, and will become the construction of the rule of law for the construction of the inland open innovation high. Arbitration is flexible, efficient, professional, convenient, confidential, high-efficiency, strong implementation force, and the Hefei Arbitration Commission will expand the arbitration service field with the free trade test area of ??Hefei Square Arbitration Center, continuously expand the arbitration service. We will enhance the core competitiveness of patents, intellectual property, foreign trade disputes in integrated circuits, new energy vehicles, biomedicine, intelligent home, etc. After the establishment of the Arbitration Center of the Free Trade Test Area, it will provide consultation, acceptance, payment, opening, and ruling full process arbitration services to Anhui Free Trade Test Area and other self-employed spending in the country. Providing arbitration legal publicity, training and information services for the freedom test area, conduct arbitration, mediation and other activities in specialization, nationalization models, and solve commercial disputes in the self-trade test area according to law. Since its inception in Hefei, it has been optimizing the business environment, promoting industrial innovation, and promoting the development of industrial development. Through multi-faceted environmental optimization, market elements are constantly agglomerated.

According to statistics, as of the end of April, Hefei District has an entrepreneur, including 4,453 enterprises, newly added domestic enterprises registered capital of 86.4 billion yuan, with total import and export of 57.1 billion yuan, accounting for 37% of the city. The new signing is 330 projects, and the agreement is 148.2 billion yuan. The first arbitration center in Hefei Square, which was unveiled, will actively learn from international traffic rules and practices in market operation, management model, and relying on 392 domestic and foreign financial, intellectual property, foreign trade, construction engineering, etc. Arbitrators in the field, with internationally vision, practice professional, convenient, refined service concept, improve and improve the multi-resolution mechanism of international commercial dispute disputes in the trade zone, and is all the all-in-law districts and even the entire Anhui self-employment test area The construction provides high-quality and efficient legal services and legal protection, and provides internationalization, marketization, and legal business environment for the market entities in the trade zone.

(Editor: Guanfei, Palace).