And the one in the middle of the video,Surprisingly, it is a middle-aged man with a European face,It’s about 30 years old at most,In prime of life,Wearing a black suit,With wide sunglasses on his face,At a glance,It’s kind of like a science fiction movie《Man in black》Dress up。

Lu Menglin thought to himself,This one won’t immediately take a metal rod out of his pocket,It’s the kind of memory。
Participants of the video conference,Except Jiang Jinghong, who was responsible for recording the meeting,A total of five people。
“Lu Menglin,let me introduce,On the left is General Will from the U.S. military,In the middle is Mr. Bird, the director of the European Union Alien Space Office,You should have seen the one on the right,Mr. Smith, Special Affairs Advisor of the U.S. Army。”Major General Luo Li gave a quick introduction。
Lu Menglin nodded,Calm expression,Wait for the next。
“Mr. Lu Menglin is our special advisor to the Chinese military,His company is an outsourcing company specializing in handling alien creatures,All professionals。”
to be frank,Major General Luo Li looked serious,It’s really like that!
Lu Menglin can’t help but tolerate,Don’t say broken,Anyway, my current position is very vague,Whatever he wants。
“And this General Li Qingsong,Is the head of a special force in our country,I won’t introduce the name。”Major General Luo Li smiled slightly,Said。
After this round of introduction,Several people in the video know their identities and positions,Immediately cheered up。
Major General Luo Li continued:“Let’s look at a piece of information,This is a picture taken by EU agents in the Amazon rainforest。”
Video screen switching,What appears on the screen is a piece of image data。
The lens first shows the scenery of the tropical rain forest,The angle looks like it was taken from a high altitude with a drone。
Below is a large area of dense tropical rainforest,Possess countless mutant plants,Interweaving together presents a huge plant kingdom。
Those present are experienced,See at a glance,There is definitely a heavily polluted red zone,It can be called a death forbidden that humans can no longer step in。
Once this inaccessible primitive jungle is polluted by the red mist produced by alien creatures,Will give birth to countless mutant creatures,And when this area is discovered by humans,It’s too late,Almost all heavily polluted areas,No human can survive in that kind of place。
unconsciously,Everyone who watched the video material admired the video shooter,This EU agent was able to penetrate the red zone,Take a video like this with a drone,He is already a true warrior who is not afraid of death。
The red mist has a special radioactive energy,Not only can make the earth’s creatures mutate,And also shield human electronic signals,Use artificial satellites to take pictures of the depths of the red zone at high altitude,What you get is just a blur。