Xia Jian said unhappily。

Li Yue said with a smile:“This matter is decided by Vice President Guan。She said let us come back tomorrow,Then don’t go to work,Go straight to the hotel in Donglin Township。She said where can you help Bai Li,Direct her work,Another company has an urgent matter,I will go back”
“OK OK,I’ll be back in a while,Just stay in the hotel,Don’t run around”
Xia Jian hung up the phone。He is a little angry with Guan Tingna now,She is clearly restricting his freedom of movement,It seems she was intentional,But think carefully,Hiding in a hotel in Donglin Township,Always stayGZBe strong,In case something happened to the company,It’s very fast to say back。
Nalanyu heard that Xia Jian was leaving,She immediately stood up and said:“That won’t work,My parents said,Must host a banquet tonight,If you just leave,I’m sorry”
“Nothing,GZI’ll be the president of this place,You have this intention,Then put it next time”
Xia Jian got up and left。When Nalandeping catches up,Xia Jiandu walked out of the small courtyard。Walked to the alley,Xia Jiancai stopped,He turned around and saw Nalanyu standing at the gate。
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the next morning,Xia Jianbian and Li Yue boarded the plane back to Buchuan。Before boarding,He called Ali,Explain the situation of his going back。After listening to Ali,Just said one sentence:“When do you want money,You just call”
As soon as the plane arrives in Bucheon,The two ate something casually outside the airport,So he drove to Pingdu。on the way,Xia Jian and Li Yue switched on,So I don’t seem tired。
Wait till normal,It was past five o’clock in the afternoon。In order not to attract the attention of others,Xia Jianbian and Li Yue drove to Donglin Township。
Hurry up,When they arrive in Donglin Township,The sun has hung on the mountain。Because Xia Jian and Li Yue came to Donglin Township, Guan Tingna arranged it in advance,So Bai Li is the only one to pick them up,To keep others from knowing。
Entered the hotel room,Xia Jian knew that the quality here is not low,No wonder people who come here to do business don’t want to live in,It seems that this is related to the local consumption level。
Xia Jiangang took a bath,Bai Li knocked on the door and walked in。Xia Jian glanced at the slightly blackened Bai Li and asked:“how about it?Are you still used to it??”
“Okay!Just too much,I really don’t know where to start。But these two days are much better,Organize the original management team,The execution is much smoother”
Bai Li smiled,Then I sat on the sofa in the house。