“I understand,You are controlled by the natural worm!”

“Humph,I am with the big brother.,Even if there is no natural worm,I am also willing to call him a big brother.。”
Liao Jie snorted:“I respect you because my big brother has a big brother.,If it is another way to pounce the feelings of our brothers,王 王人手。”
“Hahaha Mr. Liao is too cautious.。”
Strict laugh Pointing around the wall:“do not worry,My colleague is nearby This room does no matter what happens? The people outside can’t hear,There is no peace of mind。”
“I don’t understand what you are saying.!”
Liao Jie said Behind the wall,Red line pen walks dragon snake Outline two lines。
excuse me
I have a natural worm in my stomach.
“Uh Mr. Liao,Vacuum boundary between the walls,You can have something to say.,Outside people can’t hear。”Strictly wipe the cold sweat on the head This person is too cautious.。
“Say I do not understand what you’re saying。”
Liao Jie right arm red line entanglement,Direct box is strictly,Red line empty one is two,Two huge ghosts,Strict and Yunluo。
Strictly and hand into a knife Left and right,Easy to cut two ghosts。Fire snake appears out Burn the landed ghost,And walk along the Red Rope to Liao Jie。
Liao Jie frowning Fire snake has no flammable,Ling your air fire。
“It turned out to be a special feature master”
He hopes to be serious Slowly:“You are not local people Continental?”
“Mr. Liao really seen it.。”
What is it really seen? It is the same。
Liao Jie’s heart is confused,Continue asking:“You are on the continent there,What is the identity??”
“Under the strict,Director of the Special Function Group。”
“anything else?”
“Under the strict,Director of the Special Function Group。”
Unexpected,Reason,This answer no problem。
“Not,Our performance group is specifically for the sky.,This person is rare in martial arts,There is also a day, this gods,No one is his opponent。His personality,Miso,Too dangerous。”
Strictly said:“Mr. Liao,I have checked your information before.,You are getting innocent,Urgency。so,I have an unfortunate.,I hope to deal with the sky,You can help one or two。”
Liao Jie silence,Listen to the meaning of true words,The high of the disabled,Foot enough to play Hong Kong Island invincible,But the world is rare does not mean,The mainland has a strong and natural,And is the strongman of the martial art。
“It turned out to deal with my big brother.,Since this,I can’t stay you today.。”Liao Jie,Rearrangement behind the red line。
A few more?
“Mr. Liao,The members of our Special Function Group have all arrived in Harbor Island,I also contacted several friends here.,There are about 50% of the winning calculation。”
No hundred percent of the winning calculation,I also want to pull me with water.?