“sure!You also pulse?“Dao Chang Ziyi asked in surprise。

Xia Jian nodded in embarrassment and said:“let me try“Talking,He stretched out his right hand,The index finger and middle finger are gently resting on the wrist of Ziyi Daolong。
Only when I came closer,The purple-robed Taoist clothes are originally purple,No wonder he is called Dao Chang Ziyi,It seems that the name is still called after the clothes。
Xia Jian quickly withdrew his flustered thoughts,The brain began to search for the case described on the meridian map sent to him by Wang Huimin,Suddenly he asked softly:“Taoist,Do you sometimes get cold in your legs?“
“Ok!Well said,please continue“Zi Yi said with a long look of joy,He seems to have found a friend。
Xia Jian retracted his right hand and said:“If i am not wrong,You hurt the bladder meridian,Let the blood flow,Sometimes exercise,Will feel pain,And cold legs“
“Hahahaha!exactly,Indeed,Lao Na also knows this symptom,But doctors cannot be autonomous!“Daochang Ziyi said with a big smile。
Silver needle,Can treat his disease,There is this case on the meridian map,And it’s very clear,Also said where to get the needle,There is still time and so on, all of a sudden, it all came out of Xia Jian’s mind。
Daoist Ziyi stood up,Hehe smiled and said:“Young people see a doctor,I don’t know if it will cure the disease?“
“sure!Use silver needle,You can completely open your blocked bladder meridian“Xia Jian said very confidently。
Daochang Ziyi smiled and said:“OK!Where please!It seems that this stubborn illness on Lao Na,Let you heal me,What a blessing!”Dao Master Ziyi couldn’t help but laugh again。
Xia Jian couldn’t help but get up,Silver Needle,But I don’t even have any clothes,Where did the silver needle come from。Some night,He just studied the meridian diagram,By the way, I made two gestures on myself with a silver needle,Afterwards, I put the silver needle in my pocket,This is good,All lost by the flood。
“what happened?Any questions?”Dao Zi Yi asked kindly。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“My silver needle is in my pocket,The clothes were all washed away by the flood,So if there is no silver needle,I really can’t cure your illness”