at this time,The fish on the platform, the right weight, finally opened his eyes.。

She looks straight to the summer,Laugh,“I didn’t grasp your last palm.,But I have two defeatings.,so,There is no need to diverse,I also give up.,summer,you win。”
Merely,She looked at Lin Feng,“The same is true.,I have a buzz,Still not to divide with you,But I still have a seriousness of you.,Can be a means,Already deviated from the original intention,so,We don’t have to done,I am a third.。”
This is said,Everyone is wrong,Hidden mountain。
Especially the elders of each department,Sigh,I have a little sorry。
Many of them are very good to see the right weight,I didn’t expect her to accept it.。
“Click one’s tongue。”The Xuan Luo Dao is sighing,“I have also wanted to see the bottom card and means of the fish rightow.,Ah,This girl is really cautious.。”
On his way,The hustle and bustle of the mountains,At the end,Wan like an angry sea madway, usually。
Especially the disciples of the fire,It’s crazy in an instant.。
“Summer wins!”
“Young generation strongest。”
“Fire system,The fire is won,Our fire should rise。”
All the fires of all fires are shouting。
Never thought of,This day, I really came.。
NS4049chapter award
NS4049chapter award
Summer is not much about this。
Chief,It’s just a virtual name.。
If Non-Linfeng takes the initiative,He is even not ready to come out。
after all,The top five rewards are the same。
Can enter the core area of the inheritance。
Just he didn’t expect,The reaction of the fire system is so strong。
Numerous years,No matter the high-level and disciples of the fire,I can’t lift my head in front of it.。
There is no main force in the fire,There is no core inheritance,Cultivate the disciples of the sky……Contact with don’t worry,Earn is a low person, etc.。
And now,The fire system finally walked out of a true anti-sky genius.。
At least in the next 10,000 years,All disciples are straightforward to do personally。
Players above,Xue Jiu Tian’s injury has healed,Face is still pale terrible。
At this moment, I feel the shock of the mountains.,He is somewhat awkward,Some envy,Some excitement,It can be complex to the extreme point。
He can’t get a scaffina,Look down on summer,Anger and embarrassment are often flooded。
this moment,Most sentiments dissipate。
Again,The gap between the two is too big.。
I haven’t fascinated the idea of changing.。
It is completely two levels of presence。
His jealous、anger、Unhappy……I have no meaning at all.。