Covered 10 cities in Shandong! "Green Giant" where the train passes, the traffic information video has an answer

· Lightning News November 12, today, Shandong opened 4 pairs of power concentrated EMUs in Jinan to Heze, Longkou City, Qingdao to Cao County, Longkou City, Qingdao to Cao County train operation time 7 hours, 2 Travel time is compressed for 3 hours and 12 points compared with the previous train.

The specific opening plan is: from November 12th, Qingdao to Longkou City C664 / 1/4 times daily, Longkou City to Jinan C671 / 0 times, Jinan to Heze C666 / 7 times; from November 12, on the next day Qingdao to Cao County C674 / 5 times; from November 13th, Heze to Jinan C668 / 5 times daily, Jinan to Longkou City C669 / 72 times, Longkou City to Qingdao C663 / 2/3 times; from November 13th On the next day, Cao County went to Qingdao North C676 / 3/6 times. Lightning Journalists learned that the railway department has enabled the train ticket from November 10, and the train opening service information can be queried "China Railway" WeChat and Railway 12306 website, WeChat, client, or pay attention to the major railway station announcements.

The "Green Giant" EMUs originated in Shandong Province operate in the Beijing-nine, Blue Smoke, Dragon, Xinyi, Yanshi, Liji and other universal railways, through Yantai, Qingdao, Weifang, Zibo, Jinan, Liaocheng, Heze, Jining, Linyi, Rizhao 10, radiant provincial capital, Jiaodong, Lu’an three economy circles, more passengers can enjoy the ride experience of "Green Giant" EMU. Lightning Journalist Jia Fang Zheng Liu Chen reported.