Xu Hong also speaks:“Work hard,I also help you keep a friend’s movie,Do you need it。In addition,When the time comes,Let’s work together。”

This word,Although Fang Xuechu and Cheng Jia said,But it was really for Hu Yang。
Fang Xuechu and Cheng Jia quickly thank you again,Uplifted,I feel my dream is beckoning them。They couldn’t help but look at Populus,This man,Really their lucky star。
They are very lucky,This time I came here by chance。Without this bold move,There are not so many opportunities,Meet Hu Ge,Meet Mr. Xu Hong, Director Li, etc.。
It can be said,Compared to their classmates,The two are no longer on the same starting line。
not to mention,Fang Xuechu made 100,000 yuan just now,Brother Hu brought them all。and so,deep in the heart,I am most grateful to Brother Hu。
Even if she doesn’t think she is a fan of Brother Hu, Cheng Jia,Also started to like this man。
“Then please two big brothers。Let’s contact more,Come out to play together another day,If you have friends,Best friends。”Hu Yang said。
Ok!The last sentence is the point,I don’t know if Xu Hong can understand it。
Star friend,Are they usually stars??
The contribution of Li Sihai and Xu Hong,Just waiting for Hu Yang’s words,Suddenly smiled:“Sure,Contact another day,Call me in the capital,Brother, I treat。”
Xu Hong is from Beijing,Less than twenty years old,Just go to a group show,One run is eight years,Finally get out,A TV series made him stand out,I didn’t start my career until I was almost 30,It’s a long accumulation,Good reputation。
Li Sihai is from Qinghai,But now I don’t live in Qinghai,But in the magic city,The family moved out,After all, there are more development opportunities outside。
A few words,Wang Kuan took them away,Only Populus and others are left,Continue to visit this antique market。
“Thanks brother Hu!”Fang Xuechu almost cried before。
Although they haven’t experienced much,But I also know that it’s not so easy to be in the entertainment industry,How many people spend most of their lives,Not red?Finally exited sadly,Dingy home,Accomplish nothing。
Cheng Jia is the same,She decided,After going back,Must fan this male god。