Guo Meili looked nervous,She whispered to Xia Jian:“They came for money,depression to luck,We give them money,You must not do it with them,This is their place“

“Don’t talk,Things are not as simple as you think“Xia Jian whispered,Took out the phone in his pocket,Gave Guo Meili。he knows,These guys won’t let them go easily。
Xia Jian pushed Guo Meili back a few steps,Then turned around,Ha ha smiled:“Don’t force yourself on some things,As for what you do,I think you know better than me“
“Don’t fucking fuck me,Here we have the final say,What do you want you to be obedient,Otherwise, there is really no good fruit for you“Which man’s tone is very arrogant,While speaking,His face trembled up and down,It looks a little scary under the street light。
Xia Jian couldn’t help laughing:“Then you mean you asked me what is my bank card password?I have to tell you honestly?Then what is the difference between you and the robbers?“
Which person’s pain point did Xia Jian hit?,Seeing him yelling, he jumped up。Facing like a tough guy,Xia Jian didn’t dare to face him head-on。His left toe is a little on the ground,The whole body is like a top,Turned three hundred and sixty degrees on the ground。This guy found a punch,When I want to pull back,It’s too late。
Xia Jian came to take advantage of his strength,Raise right palm,I used my full strength and patted someone on the back,This guy’s body has already lost balance,Plus Xia Jian is so vigorous。His body close to two hundred catties is like a pile of rotten meat thrown out,Climbed on the concrete floor with a snap。
I didn’t fall lightly,This person climbed twice but didn’t get up。At this time his two associates,Pounced on Xia Jian,These two people already have a rubber rod in their hands,Although not very long,Just hitting someone is enough。
With the experience of accomplices suffering,These two guys quickly advance and retreat together,Xia Jian couldn’t help them for a while。At this moment,There are some bold people on the road,Standing in the distance watching the excitement。
When Xia Jian was entangled with these two people,Found out which woman is gone,He immediately understood in his heart,She ran back to move troops。Thus,He has to fight quickly,Otherwise, wait for someone’s rescuer to come,He wants to run but it’s too late。
Thought of here,Xia Jian slipped on purpose,Pretending to fall。The other party was overjoyed,Two immediately pounced,I didn’t expect Xia Jian’s body to twist,The whole person rises into the sky,Swept out sideways。Just listen to a scream,One of them,Xia Jian kicked and flew out sideways。
The remaining one finds that the situation is not good,Just turned around,Xia Jian just kicked his ass,This guy rushes forward,The whole person slipped out。Unfortunately,His head didn’t evade and,Just hit the footbridge of the pedestrian bridge,Suddenly blood spurted out like a fountain。
The crowd onlookers exclaimed,The coward ran away。Xia Jian was also dumbfounded,He didn’t expect such a situation。These troublemakers,Under normal circumstances, they protect themselves very well,It’s like the guy just now,Just get up and run away。