Zu Yu continues to teach experience,But Gao Biyi is no longer planning“Take the initiative”NS。

Autumn frost is very good,Political marriage,Which one is almost,But it is not a maid that has such a Qiu Cream.?Not saying,Still don’t toss。
Gao Bao is in the heart.。
“correct,Is there anything you heard??Your Majesty said that you want to reward you。”
The ancestors said that they didn’t move.。
“reward?Reward?”Gao Biyi did not hear similar winds at all。
“Today, I will check my body.,He asked how the House of Takarron is now.。Because I will live in the next door of Gaolong.。Listen to him,It seems that I want to give the house to you.。”
Higher Renzi?That is“Gaoyuan”what,Rich Area,Depends on the Division!
Gao Baoyi is shocked,Higher ocean’s hand is quite big.。
NS93chapter Progress
A few days later,Someone sent a letter to the Gao Baofu,The letter said that Li Jiayu was going to Tianping Temple tomorrow.,By the time“old place”See。
Gao Baoyi look at this Juan Xiu’s writing,I know that it is autumn cream written.,The heart is not a little ready to move。
This kind of emotion is not the same as the mood of his past life and girlfriend.。
On the same day,Autumn Cream is like a beautiful elf is usually approximately。Today, she drew some light makeup today.,But not obvious。Clothing is also a simple login,Color pink,More youthful than last time。
“I looked at the words of your words.,She is still very satisfied。But I didn’t say that it was written to me.,Hey-hey。”
Autumn Cream has brought a lot of delicious food today.,It is said that Miss Li came to the Temple of Tianping.,She will come to the Zen http://www.qudia.cn room with Gao Baoyi“Dating”。
The two sits on the cushion,It’s a little bit a little。
This is afraid that I will“Mad”?
Gao Baoyi is sitting in the past,Hug autumn frost in arms。
really,Two people have been intimate contact before,Autumn Cream is not resistant this time,She is well-behaved against the shoulders of Gao Bao,Two people ten fingers。
“Say,Do you miss me two days??”
The two are deeply staring,Her eyes are like autumn water,Resentful look at Gao Baoyi。
“Yes I do,I don’t want to marry Li Family.,Take you directly to the west。”
“Humph,You know that I bully me.,Know my heart soft,Deliberate me。”Autumn frost is sighing,Her emotions are not high today.。
“Tomorrow, Li Jiayu’s father is going to Qizhou, Shandong Jinan.,The big lady has to follow together.,So today we come to Tianping Temple。
I http://www.lijibangbangji.cn as a born maid of the big lady,I have to go together tomorrow.,no solution anymore,Not I want to hide you。”
Autumn Cream is open to let Gao Baoyi dumbfounded。
“Then what should I do??”
“Prepare three books, six rites,what are you thinking about!Don’t finish the program,Is the big lady still run your home?!”
The autumn cream is dissatisfied,The fiber-optic jade hand grabs the high-Bohai ear.。